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Hi, I'm Aviya. A Tel Aviv mom of two sweet toddlers (one redhead/one strawberry blond). I have always been into fitness, beginning at an early age in the States on the swim team, after our family’s return to Israel on the school’s gymnastics team and our local basketball team, and later as a self-defense instructor in my teens. After graduating from Cordon Bleu school in San Francisco, I moved to Tel Aviv – and there I absolutely fell in love with the gym. For me, the different classes,  the diversity and intensity of the exercises were perfect.

When I became pregnant for the first time, my passion for exercise continued  but  I could not find the right fit.  I became discouraged and stopped working out altogether. Basically, I felt terrible, inside and out. After the too long 6-week postnatal period, and after consulting with my family doctor, I gradually returned to a workout routine. 


I received a diploma as a Studio Instructor from Tel Aviv University’s Siim Campus, as well as a specialized certificate to train women during pregnancy, after birth and for pelvic floor rehabilitation. 


I train either on an individual level or in small groups, so that I can customize our workouts together.  

I also work in a studio in the center of Tel Aviv, with moms during maternity leave. 


My Vision

By the time my second pregnancy came, I was prepared. I stopped my gym membership and started my own workout routine: 4 times a week every morning for between 15 to 50 minutes, taking into consideration the week of my pregnancy, my well-being and my energy level. Twice a week I either went for a power walk or jog in the park in the evenings.

I felt amazing! The difference between the pregnancies was truly astonishing. I was still working full-time and had a 2 year-old to run after, and it still was much easier (relatively speaking) compared to my first pregnancy. I had almost no aches or pain, and these workouts were nothing short of miraculous. Baby girl L was born on week 41, a few hours after I had finished a 40-minute workout. During the 6 weeks of postpartum recovery I walked, did pelvic floor exercises, and just waited to get back to my routine, even though I felt that my body was already completely recovered before the recommended 6 week mark. 


Not enough moms-to-be and moms know that it is just fine to work-out and exercise during pregnancy and postpartum.  I knew I wanted to get the word out, that you can exercise (as much as you want and however you feel comfortable) during pregnancy and afterwards.

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