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PostNatal Workouts

The ultimate mommy fitness workout. Giving a great over all body workout as well as treating abdominal muscle separation – DIASTASIS RECTI

My PostNatal workouts are safe, effective and fun, that you can do with your little one, together!

Workouts are designed to challenge and push you a little bit harder making them ideal for moms looking for the extra motivation to achieve your fitness goals.

Image by Bruno Nascimento

How many times have you gone to bed and said to yourself, “Tomorrow, I’m going to wake up, work out, and then start my day, and then you wake up and life happens – (baby issues, cleaning, organizing, laundry,  cooking, cleaning some more, more children issues…) and another hour slips by with no exercise.

That is why I’m here – to help you commit and stick to your fitness goals. If you’ve made an appointment to meet with me, we are on! I’m a mom myself, so I am all too familiar with how many unexpected surprises pop up during the day. I will be flexible to meet your needs. 


Imagine you are surrounded by moms just like you and there is someone with tons of energy who is driving you forward! That’s the core of my mom group workouts! 

Working out together in a group will push you forward because it is fun and motivating to be with other empowered moms like yourself.





"Fit moms don't have time, they make time"

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